Designer Window Collection

Decorative Bathroom Window

Add a beautiful accent to your home with the DecoGlass Window Series. These unique architectural accents lend themselves to a wide range of applications. The bath, spa, entryway, stairway, or kitchen wherever you envision the elegance of a beautiful glass panel.

Window Frame Construction Material
Composite frames are available only in our 4' x 4' DecoGlass Size, and are excellent for use in high humidity environments such as bathrooms.




The DecoGlass Windows consist of an a double or triple-thickness tempered 1' thick glass panel. The Bevel Cluster DecoGlass Panels use clear tempered glass on the inside, a beveled glass panel assembled using black/brass/pewter channel is in the middle of the glass unit, and obscure, tempered glass is on the outside. We can supply these glass panels with clear tempered glass on both sides (instead of the obscure glass) as a "no-charge" option for use where privacy is not necessary.

CMA - 2
Available Options
Obscure Glass DG148484
Clear Glass DG14848C
Available Options
Obscure Glass DG248484
Clear Glass DG24848C
Available Options
Obscure Glass DG348484
Clear Glass DG34848C







The DecoGlass Window for the Image Series consists of a double thickness tempered 1" thick glass panel unit. We use tempered safety glass, to which we permanently fire the beautiful glass design. Next we permanently secure another piece of clear tempered safety glass behind this first piece. Using a patented method of Insulating Glass, your DecoGlass window will provide the beauty and quality that your beautiful home demands.

Available Options
Obscure Glass XCD4848R
Available Options
Obscure Glass XAD4848R
Available Options
Obscure Glass XMD4848R

Metal Finish Options for Decorative Glass Panels
Our beveled glass panels are available with three metal finish options which include our exclusive pewter, brass, or black. All offer superior strength and assurance that your decorative glass window will last.

Pewter - Brass - Black Came Assembly

Clear or Obscure Glass DecoWindows
Your Bevel Cluster DecoGlass Window can be used in many places in your home, and depending upon it's location, you may select either a clear DecoGlass window or an obscure DecoGlass window. The "clear glass" option allows some visibility through the window with only the textured clear glass itself limiting the visibility. The "obscure glass" option, like regular bathroom windows provides a high degree of obscurity. A second piece of textured obscure glass is placed behind the beveled glass panel to further limit visibility. Any of the three designs shown above may be ordered with clear or obscure glass. The photos below demonstrate the degree of clarity allowed in our clear and obscure Bevel Cluster Panel Decoglass windows.

Obscure Glass or Clear Glass

Product Testing and Building Codes
Standard-sized windows have been tested and approved for installation as individual fixed window unit. A design pressure (DP) rating of 60.8 positive and 81.3 psf negative was achieved. As per the Florida Building Code, 2001 Building, Table 1606.2B, these Windows are suitable for 150MPH Wind Speed with Exposure B placed in Zone 5 and with a minimum effective wind area of 10.0 square feet.

Construction Information

Dimensions: Unit size is 49-3/4" x 49-3/4"
Suggested Rough Opening: 50-1/8" x 50-1/8"

Window frames are constructed using a composite frame material on the exterior and primed wood on the interior, which offers a superior construction method for high humidity environments. The composite material is split, crack and rot resistant, and does not absorb moisture. The decorative multi-layering of the insulated glass unit provides high energy efficiency, and offers obscurity and privacy while still admitting light.

Shown Above Left: Triple IG Glass for Art Glass Series
Right: Double IG Glass for Image Series

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