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Glass Doors & Windows

Designing beautiful leaded custom glass doors & stained glass combinations to compliment your decor is what we do best.

Beautifully designed custom leaded, etched or stained glass fixed windows or custom glass exterior doors especially for your Home or Business. We are always pleased to work with the Customer's sketches or full size blueprint and design no matter how Simple or Complex

Your glass design can be purchased "glass insert only" or can be inserted into a solid mahogany door or pre-hung with sash for window installation. We use the finest premium mohogany hardwood stock and our doors are available in numerous styles in both 3'0" x 6'8" and 3'0" x 8'0" sizes. We can build custom to your project specifications for odd sized doors, sidelites or windows.


Double Entry Bath Doors

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Custom Stained Glass

Below are designs we have created and are available on request.

If you have a special request for glass design for your Business or Home, we have other design ideas available and Glass designers to help with the process.

Have a vision...


Stained Glass Windows - TurtleDolphin



We can create it in Glass.

Ocean View or a Garden View it's designed for you.....

Marlin Jump

Crane designed door

Crane Design

Clown Fish

Clown Fish

CoyoteCat FamilyCat Family detail

Coyote * Cat Family

Desert design

Desert Theme

Dragonfly design


Flying /ribbon design

Flying Ribbons

Horn of Plenty design

Horn of Plenty

KachinaKachina IIOcatillo

Kachina * Kachina II * Ocatillo



Mountain LakeSaguarro

Mountain Lake * Saguarro

Painted FlowerSouthwest

Painted Flower * Southwest



Vine Panels

Vine Panels



Custom Bath Design

Custom Bath Design

Island Design

Island Design

NautilusBevel Design

Nautilus * Bevel Design

Flower VaseDogwood

Flower Vase * Dogwood








Sea Horse

Red Rose

Red Rose

Grapevine IIChili Peppers

Grapevine II * Chili Peppers

Merry Go Round

Merry Go Round




Dorado Prowling

We create custom glass...all types of applications: french doors, transoms, sidelites, windows, cabinets, etc..

Need a custom glass transom to match your door?

How about a colored stained glass transom over your dining room door?

Or a custom bathroom window?

Triple Insulated Glass

  • Energy efficient 3 pane triple glazed insulated glass
  • Improves security and helps to protect the bevel glass panel
  • Completely seals the finished unit

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These decorative panels may be ordered in Brass Came or Duracame as the assembly metal that holds the glass pieces together. The Brass Came is a brass color that over time will acquire a light patina and beautifully darken with age. The Duracame is a medium gray-pewter color that also will darken slightly with age.

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Competitive prices....excellent value. We offer one of the most extensive selections of decorative entry doors.

We offer custom sizes and shapes to fit your requirements .

Choose Brass Came or Duracame

Obscure glass for more privacy

Clear glass for a view

All doors are made to order, customized to each clients tastes and desires, using solid wood components and quality materials.

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Packing & shipping your door or door assembly is no problem.

We Ship anywhere.

Orders are Final!!!

Once your custom door has been put in for production
it cannot be canceled.
Since we must pay for your door upon order, we cannot cancel
any order for a door.

Exterior Doors

We offer discounts on bulk orders!

Complete installation of your door is available that includes new hinges, a new threshold & weatherstripping for local areas of Southeast Texas

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