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Hollander Glass Texas, Inc. does not warrant any product against glass breakage or glass damage for any reason.The following glass panel warranties shall be void if the unit has not been stored, installed, and maintained in a good and workmanlike manner, or if the damage is resulting from exposure due to installation in an unprotected opening, such as an installation without sufficient roof covering protection, which causes the door and glass panel to be exposed to an unusual amount of direct sunlight and/or precipitation.All beveled glass and textured glass panels are hand made.Therefore, some bubbles and imperfections are acceptable in the glass.

Single glazed panels: Hollander Glass Texas, inc. warrants that your single glazed panel will not be subject to water leakage caused by precipitation for a period of ONE year from date of manufacture.

Triple glazed (IG) insulated tempered glass panels: Hollander Glass Texas, inc. warrants our insulated glass panels for a period of FIVE years from the date of manufacture of the insulated glass panel, against permanent failure of the hermetic seal directly attributed to defective manufacturing, which failure results in permanent obstruction of vision through the panel. I/G panels 67" or taller, due to the extreme height of glass, may have a slight rattle and is not considered a defect unless accompanied by failure to the hermetic seal causing permanent obstruction to vision.

This warranty does not apply if the failure of the seal is caused by an Act of God, damage as a result of exposure to corrosive fumes or condensates, damage resulting from excessive stress from movement of the structure, glass distortion or breakage, mishandling or improper installation or by any other cause whatsoever not within our exclusive control, and shall not apply unless the failure occurs and claim is delivered to us within FIVE years after the date of manufacture of the insulated glass panel.

All warranty claims must be presented as outlined above, within the warranty period for the specific product outlined above.Hollander Glass Texas, inc. will not honor warranty claims made prior to payment in full for the warranted product. Upon validation by Hollander of any claim, Hollander will at its option: 1) repair the product, and return it FOB our Houston, TX facility, freight collect, 2) furnish a comparable replacement product FOB our Houston, TX facility, freight collect, 3) refund the purchase price paid for the product by the original purchaser of the product from Hollander Glass Texas, inc.HOLLANDER SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR CONSEQUENTIAL, INDIRECT, OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES OF ANY NATURE INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, LABOR COST OF ANY KIND ARISING FROM OR IN CONNECTION WITH AN ALLEGED BREACH OF ANY WARRANTY OR NEGLIGENCE ON THE PART OF HOLLANDER GLASS TEXAS, INC.Hollander reserves the right to inspect any product, which is alleged to be defective.

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